About us

Crimson Creek Labradors

Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in....
Mark Twain

Dogs have been with our family from time immemorial. At first several cross-breeds, slightly resembling German shephard dogs - Asia, Jockie, Ramses and then -  Pongo, the Wanderer, who used to explore the neighbourhood on his own but always returned.
Today, four labradors  live with us: Maleńka, Ginger, Shisha and a boy- Nugat.
Ginger, Nugat and Shisha's mother - the first Rocheby in Poland,  arrived in Kraków in 2006 from Styrrup in South Yorkshire, from Marion and David Hopkinson’s kennel.
In April 2015 we had to say 'good-bye' to our beloved Nesca, who at the age of almost 11, crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
All our dogs are rightful members of the family. They live with us in a small house by the Rudawa River in Wola Justowska. They lie about on our sofas, hang around in the kitchen whenever I prepare our meals, curled under the desk warm up our feet.
As once George Eliot said: ...agreeable friends, they do not ask questions, they pass no criticism....
This website pays tribute to these delightful creatures...


Katarzyna Kosowska Mizera